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Home Portraits

Audrey Peaty has been painting and drawing homes throughout the Southeast for over 35 years.  During that time she has developed her own style of rendering that has been refined through her extensive work with a very diverse clientele.  She is known for the great detail she incorporates into her illustrations and ability to find the most distinctive and personal elements in her home portraits.  She has a special love for historic homes with unique architectural features and has drawn many historic locations throughout the Tallahassee area.

"Your home is such an important part of your life and family.  Having a home portrait allows many people to capture the love and respect they feel for their homes in a way that is difficult to accomplish with photography.  These portraits become part of a family's history and provide them with a memory that reflects the warmth and fondness of the special moments many share over the years spent in their homes.  It is truly an honor to help my clients preserve those important feelings and memories through a home portrait."  

The project begins with photographs and interviews done by the artist at your home. Portraits can also be done of homes that are not local or are no longer standing as long as you have some photographs available.  Home portraits are often much more affordable than most think with pen & ink drawings starting at $500 and watercolor paintings starting at $1000 with many options for framed print as well as stationary and note cards.

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